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​Start of business・Management consulting

Provide one-stop services from start of business to stable management

We work with experts and provide the best support on visa, tax, accounting and social insurance, from customers' preparation of incorporation of enterprise to business management.


Start-up support one-stop service

The hardest part of start up a business in Japan for foreigners is to conduct individual consultation and sign contracts with experts in different fields.

​Major cases which need consultation from preparations of incorporation of enterprise to the first year of business.


Decide the description of business

​Market research

Consolation companies


Apply for visa (status of residence)

Administrative scriveners


Choose a site for company location (business office)

Real-estate companies


Establishment of a company

Administrative scriveners

Judicial scriveners


Take out social 


​Labor management


​Registration of establishment of business

Tax accountants




Administrative scriveners

Financial institutions


Accounting management

Tax accountants

Consolation companies


Financial results

Tax accountants

Partner Holdings is able to introduce various experts for customers as they need.

The only thing you need to do is to contact Partner Holdings!

Contents of start-up support one-stop service

  1. Market research according to customer's business description.

  2. Present the best site for company location (a business office) from our alliance real-estate companies.

  3. Administrative scriveners ・judicial scriveners offer total supports from creating the purpose of a company to establishment.

  4. Introducing clients.

  5. Introducing appropriate human resources.

  6. Status of residence (visa) application service by administrative scriveners specializing in visa. 

  7. Bookkeeping agency service (the first period).

  8. Provide corporation financial results by a tax accountant (financial result of the first period).

For inquires

           【Inquires by Email form】
【Inquires by phone call】


(Saturday・Sunday・Holidays excluded)

Personal Plan

For customers who already have stayed in Japan or who have had collaborators in Japan, we suggest the best plan that suit the needs of each customer.

Establish companies


Joint-stock companies, limited liability companies, incorporated associations, incorporated non-profit organizations, associations, etc. 

We offer suggestions that meet customers' needs.

Human resource consultation


We alliance with human resource development companies around the world, such as companies in China, Vietnam and Myanmar.

For more information, please check here.



We introduce loan as customer's needs and make advices on management plan.

Introducing experts

  • Lawyers

  • Tax accountants

  • Judicial scriveners

  • Administrative scriveners​

  • Social insurance labor consultant

  • Real-estate

  • Design​


Process of our service

1. Inquiry

First consultation is fee of charge.

Inquiry method↓

Email:Please use the inquiry form.

2. Free consultation

Set up an appointment schedule for the consultation.

If you are living oversea, we can consult over Skype or telephone.

3. Prepare a quotation

We will provide an estimate of the cost after the personal consultation.

4. Apply for the service

Sign the application with us, if you are agree with the content and the fee of our service.

5. Start the service

We will proceed the service after deciding procedures and schedule. Also, we will send you the necessary documents and the specific schedule.

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