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Specified skilled foreigners Registered Support Organization

Partner Holdings is a supported organization registered at Ministry of Justice and Immigration Services Agency of Japan.

Registration No.


International employment agency

​Visa agency

Commissioned support

​We offer broad services from employment to support for job retention.

​Support contents for specified skilled foreigners

Accepting companies must give support to Specified Skilled Worker (i).

Previous guidance
​Transportation service when workers enter or leaveJapan
Orientation on daily life in Japan
Accompany workers for public registration
Provide opportunities for learning Japanese
​Consultation・complaints handling
Encourage interregional exchange
Having interview regularly ​

These are required contents for the support plan either implementing by accepting companies or entrusting to a Registered Support Organization.

​Develop a support plan

Accepting companies (accepting organizations) have to make a plan to support specified skilled workers on their work life, daily life and social life, so that they can stay in Japan smoothly and stably.The plan is called "Support Plan for Specified Skilled Workers (i) ".

​Registered Support Organization Partner Holdings offers support, which starts from developing a support plan, for an accepting company.

​Support can be implemented by accepting companies.

Accepting companies must give support to Specified Skilled Worker (i).

There are two choices for giving support: one is accepting companies implement the support plan by themselves, another is entrusting a part of the support plan such as orientation to Registered Support Organizations.

Necessary support system when accepting companies give support by themselves.

Following system is necessary when accepting companies offer support for specified skilled workers.

  • There is a translator who can understand specified skilled workers' mother language.

  • Having experience of accepting mid-to long term residents more than 2 years in the past 5 years, or there is a life consultant social worker in the company. 

  • There is a measure to provide consultation for specified skilled workers.

  • It is able to select a person responsible for support and a person in charge.

  • ​There is no causes for disqualification.

In addition, previous guidance, orientations, transportation service etc. are necessary to be prepared, if the support plan is implemented by accepting companies. 

For inquires

           【Inquires by Email form】
【Inquires by phone call】


(Saturday・Sunday・Holidays excluded)

Flow of employing Specified Skilled Workers

​1. Inquires

We offer free consultation.

2. Interview with job-offering person (company)

Transferring technical intern trainees to specified skilled workers:We will have an interview about actually situation of technical intern trainees in your company.

Employing specified skilled workers:We will have an interview about your needs of foreign human resource.

3. Research 

Specified skilled workers have to belong to a certain category which is determined by Ministry of Justice.

We will carry out research to check if your company is in the appropriate category or meet the  additional requirements or not.

4. Choose right persons for a company

We will pick up human resources that meet your needs, and disclose resumes for documentary examination.

5. Interview

Interview places are picked in response of requests from customers.

For people who live overseas, we suggest to use Skype for online interview.

6. Employment・Make a contract

​If workers are employed, they have to sign a job contract with the company.

7. Make a support plan

​We will make a support plan for specified skilled workers(i). 

Support that will be done at the accepting company and support that will be done by a  Registered Support Organization have to be cleared in the plan. Contents, time schedule and method also have to be determined in the plan.

8. Visa (Status of Residence) Application

 Administrative scrivener office in our group offers visa application service.

9. Carry out a previous guidance

A previous guidance for workers has to be carry out base on a support plan.

Either accepting companies or Registered Support Organizations can provide the guidance.

10. Immigration・orientation on daily life in Japan

An orientation of daily life in Japan and introduction about job contract have to be carry out base on a support plan.

Either accepting companies or Registered Support Organizations can provide the orientation.

11. Start working・Start support
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