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Employment support service for foreign human resource

Professionals of employment ・recruitment support for foreign human resource will introduce you the best company for you for free

There are a lot of economical and mental burdens for a foreigner looking for a new job alone.

Consulting with professionals and getting recruitment support bring you many advantages over your job searching.

Free consultation and  free agent charge.

Why it is charge free?

System of employment support service.

Employment support service is one of the recurring services which is officially called Charged Employment Placement Service.

It provides employment placement service by fulfilling needs between foreigners who are looking for new jobs and companies which are looking for foreign employees.

It is prohibited by law that charging fee from people seeking jobs in Japan.

Since we get referral fee from companies seeking workers, referrals (people looking for jobs) do not have to pay any fee.

There is an advantage for companies which want to employ foreigners that they can hire foreigners who meet their requirements more efficiently.

So we can say that the needs of employment support  service for foreigners are increasing.

People who are looking for jobs

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Introduce applicants






Features of Partner's employment support service

English・Chinese・Vietnamese etc.
We offer multi-language service.
We offer visa support such as applying for change of status of residence.
We offer great follow-up service.
Career consultants would talk with you about jobs that you are looking for. We are able to introduce jobs that are suitable for you by careful consultation.

For inquiries

           【Inquires by Email form】
    【Inquires by phone call


(Saturday・Sunday・Holidays excluded)

Administrative scrivener corporation partner​:



● My on-the-job training is going to finish soon. Can I work as specified skilled worker?

Yes. After you finished your training, you can work as specified skilled worker without going back to your mother country.

However, there are some conditions to get specified skilled worker visa. For example, the content of on-the-job training and job you are going to get as specified skilled worker have to be the same.

● I am dependent visa holder, can I work as a full-time employee? 

Yes, you can work as a full-time employee, if you fulfill certain conditions and change your visa to working visa.

● Can I work more?

If you have working career or the job you are having now is qualify to get working visa, then you can work full-time. And there is no problem to work overtime within the law.

If you have any requests on your jobs, please feel free to contact us.

● Are there any companies proved dormitory?

Yes, there are some companies proved dormitory for their employees.

Procedure for employment support service



Please feel free to contact us by phone call or Email.  

We have staff members who can speak Chinese, Vietnamese, English etc.


Send us resume and register your information.


3.Career counseling

Our career consultant will ask about your current situation and your requests to jobs. 

4.Introduce job offers

4.Introduce job offers

Our career consultant will pick up job offers that are suitable for your current situation and your requests.

5.Apply for jobs

5.Apply for jobs

Apply for jobs that you feel attractive.​

We also provide advices for resume.

6.Interview・employment notices

6.Interview・employment notices

We support your from  job interview until you get a job.

7.Official job offer・join a company

7.Official job offer・join a company

Our support continues to getting official job offer and joining the company.

Also we accept requests of newly acquiring status of residence or applying change of status of residence at Administrative scrivener corporation partner  in Partner group.

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