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Sympathize with your thoughts, be your life partner

Provide one stop service to continue stable stay and stable management from the time of founding.


Partner group


We offer broad support by one stop service

We have administrative scriveners and tax accountants in our group to support your business. Also we offer broadband longterm one stop service by working together with specialists such as counsels, judicial scriveners, real-estate corporations.

Partner group Advantage・2

We offer Japanese and foreign language service

We have foreign staffs who can speak Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Burmese in addition to Japanese to offer you a responsive and accurate service.


Partoner group


We are good at global support

We are able to introduce human resources since we cooperate with employment agents of China, Vietnam and Myanmar. We also work together with specialists overseas to offer you global support.

One Stop Service


Partner Holdings Co., Ltd.

  • Consultation for launching businesses in Japan

  • ​Bookkeeping agency service

  • Employment support service

  • Registered Support Organization

  • Global recruitment service

  • ​Interpretation・translation service

  • Facebook

Administrative scrivener corporation Partner

  • Application for visa・residential status

  • Naturalization・Acquire Japanese nationality

  • Incorporation of enterprises

  • Various permissions​

  • Loan support

  • Subsidies

  • Facebook


​【令和 5 年】
  • 日本進出コンサルティング    75 
  • 記帳代行           195 
  • 融資コンサルティング      38 件

Administrative scrivener corporation Partner

​【令和 5年】
ビザ申請件数    432(前年比:183%増)
許認可申請件数    97(前年比:148増)


  • 就労系在留資格        308 
​  経営管理            106 件​ 
​   技術・人文知識・国際業務     98 
​   高度専門職            14 件

​   その他              90 
  • 身分系の在留資格        83 件
​  日本人の配偶者等         29 件​ 
​   永住者の配偶者
​   定住者              36 件
  • ​永住申請            41 
 許可率   98%
​再申請許可率 99%
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