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Foreign entrepreneurs

Most of the foreign entrepreneurs supported by our company love the Japanese society they traveled to and make inroads into Japan.

However, short-term stay visas such as travel visas can not do business. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain a "business management visa".

It is very difficult to establish a company in Japan and apply for a business management visa while staying overseas.

For such people, there is "Partner Holdings".

We support Chinese, English, Vietnamese and Myanmar. For foreign nationals, the sense of security given in their native language is very great.

Partner Holdings acts as a contact point and works in cooperation with each expert to select a location in Japan, establish a corporation, support business management visa, family visa, employee visa, etc. at once.

We will be your one-stop window and you can make inroads into Japan.

In addition, after actually starting management in Japan, it is also difficult to manage the company in accordance with the laws of Japan. In particular, it is difficult to understand tax filing schedules, and many people are having trouble. In such a case, the tax accountant in PARTNER group explaining carefully the Japanese tax law as a corporate adviser.

If you are thinking of expanding into Japan, please feel free to contact me in your own language.

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