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Important rules for International Exchange Students wanting to be hired in Japan

An increasing number of companies are looking to hire international students in Japan. If an international student works in Japan after graduation, he or she must change his or her status of residence (visa) from “student visa” to “technical/humanities knowledge or international work” visa.

Please note that there are several points to know when applying to change the visa status. Without proper knowledge there are chances that you may not get hired or be able to work.

Verification of residence card:

Employers will check the residence status to see if you are applicable to work. Please make sure you have proper documents and status before applying for work.

Confirmation of graduation from institutes and the final degree earned

Please note not all graduates can obtain a work visa (technology, humanities knowledge, international work visa etc.) there are specified academic requirements.

Frist of all, students who are planning on or will be graduating from Japanese junior colleges, university or professional schools will mostly likely be able to obtain the working visa. Whereas a student who is graduating from language school will not able to obtain the working visa.

Second point is to verify if the major you studied in school are related to the work you applied or trying to apply. Working visa will likely be denied if for example, someone who graduated from fashion design is looking for a career in business trade or someone who was studying law but try to work as an engineer.

Salary in Japan as a foreigner

Salary should be equal to or higher than a Japanese employee. Please be aware that medium salary is about 180,000 yen. Please note that just because you are a foreigner doesn’t mean you get pay less.

Side notes:

1. School conducts are also taken as consideration for mostly hiring companies.

2. It is illegal to work with just a student visa

3. For student who wants to work please obtain “Permission to Engage in other Activity” first before applying to work. With this permission you are allowed to work up to 28 hours per week. Please note working over permitted time will affect your residence status (visa) in the future.

We at Partner’s hope this article helped you understand what you need in order to start your career in Japan after graduation. Please contact us if you need any assistance or information.

Thank you




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